Thursday, December 02, 2004

I am Here

Hey!! My name is Barbara MacDougall. I am eighteen years old and I live in Kingstonof the Ontario! Woohoo, I finally have a blog up and working! Yey woo rock to that! So this is my first time posting. Sorry that my spelling might suck, I don't have a working forms mode, so Jaws, my speech software is not reading what I write adn I can't read my mistakes, so next time we're going to play the copy and paste game! Yey for the copy and paste game! So I'm copying Steve, Carin, and Tim cuz I now have a blog, but hey. It's good fun. Rock to this!


Blogger Carin said...

We'll have to fix your blog so it can take anonymous comments. Good thing I can jabber all over it. Or maybe not.

3:55 AM  

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