Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Well I'm actually bored. Yes, Barby is bored for once. Maybe it's because I've got all of my big major assignments done finally and now I'm just chillin'. March Break is less than two weeks away! Yes! I get to go back to Banff again and do some good hard skiing. I'm starting my new book this weekend, Angels and Demons. It looks so interesting. I can't wait to actually get off my butt and start reading. I'm tired. I leg pressed a hundred and seventy pounds today. I rock! I've been feeling so much stronger lately. It's been amazing, the difference from when you're a sloth on the couch to getting up and working out. I do fitness three times a week and I work hard. It's awesome. I'm really happy doing fitness with my best friend cuz I feel like we keep each other motivated. It always feels good when you've finished and there's no way you can cheat. Anyways, it's almost class time. I should scoot! Horray for easy grammar and the causitive faire. If you don't speak French don't ask. Oh and we are in an honours choir. We premierred at a galla in Hamilton last week and we were absolutely amazing. There are eight of us, two sopranos, to altos, two tenors and two bases. Wow. We're just awesome! I hate to brag but... he he he!


Blogger Carin said...

Wow, all the blogs are coming back to life. This is good.

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