Saturday, December 25, 2004

Five Golden Tukes!

Merry Christmas. I was going to write my bitchy ranting post about my week but it's Christmas. Nothing wrong here. I whooped everyone in my family at a little game we call "Mad Gab" where there are words and you have to make sensible sayings out of them, e.g. William Harry mhe = will you marry me etc. So that was fun. hen we had our traditional sing around the Christmas tree. Oh Christmas tree sounds a hell of a lot funnier when it's in a minor key but anyways... I drank some eggnog which I haven't had in years and then I went to sleep. I woke up at two this morning, looked on my door and couldn't find my stocking. I freaked out and I accidentally heard Santa Claus when he came and put stuff in my stocking. That wasn't supposed to happen. But I'm awake and ready to party now! Ya! I woke up my brother, who is usually the one to wake me up but not this year. He was not happy so I told him that he did it to me every other year so he was fine after that. He's a cool kid. I got a twenty-four pack of bateries! Yes's's's's!!! So I hope everyone else is having a safe and merry Christmas. Don't drink and drive. It'll kill ya. I wonder if the same thing goes for using a guide dog...?

Ooo and before I forget,

is my step sister Caitlin's blog. She is a music journalist for Chart Magazine and she's interviewed big names such as Thornley and the Tea Party, who has been one of her heros since she was about fourteenish. So give her new blog a read, you might find something interesting. Also
is here too. Interesting and amazing Adam. So let's hope these linkies worked. Okay I'm going for real this time! Only five more days till I get to see my Carin and Steve and Elaine and Anton and Tim! Yes's's's's! Excited!!! Anyways, can I leave yet? No propane tanks for our propane fireplace. ANyways, yeah. This was a sad week for Propane.

Do you love how my paragraphing makes no sense and runs on forever? I do. I don't know if this will be considered a long post but here she be! And if you want the best Christmas album of 04, better listen to the new Barenaked Ladies Christmas album. Do not, on the other hand, listen to the Crash Test dummies Christmas unless you're asking to die for Christmas. It's creepy/weird/what the hell were these boys on? And who knew there was a chick in Crash Test Dummies? Oh wait, I did.

So... what else can I say since it's five fourty-three only and I'm rearin' to open some presents for which I have to wait at least two hours? I'm going nuts. All I want is a new Panasonic diskman for Christmas, or maybe a new kitty. We lost Mr. Grey awhile ago. I heard one of Cait's favourite bands yesterday, The liberteens. They're funny. And listen to Interpole, they're a great American group and I think they're gonna make it huge some day. I hope so. Oh, Cammy's listening to Chemicals Between Us by Bush. Kick ass musac!!! I liked Bush, they were a good band. I wonder if George W made a band what would he call it? And would he write a song about "The Nucular weapons between us" or something retarded like that? I don't even know.

So now that this is quite possibly my longest post that probably no one will read, I like mint chocolate! It's good stuff! You can make an alcoholic drink with mint and chocolate. Hot chocolate and Peppermint Schnappes. Oh man, I had some of that when I was in Calgary and boy was it ever god. It was like drinking a hot peppermint paddy. It just warms you right up. Okay, now I really have to go because my bladder has been yelling at me since the first time I get up. Do I use the word anyways a lot in this post? i will take the time and count sometime. So yeah. This is it! Merry Christas... I mean Christmas. I wonder what he's listening to now...? By the way, if this posts twice, I don't know why it did. But I think it's already published at least partly but it said something about an html error.


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Hey. Wow. That's weird. On the main page, it looks like one huge link, which probably means the end tag is missing, but I don't know because I haven't looked at my browser source yet. But on the comment page, it looks mostly ok. Hmm. I know you'll figure it out, you're a smart cookie.
Cheers: Adam

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