Thursday, December 09, 2004

Bored and Extremely Dangerous

I don't know why this is but it seems like every time I type something for this blog in word it likes to post twice. I love Steve for fixing it though. Silly bolg thing. Today is the first of two wakes. Why does anyone need two wakes? I don't understand, but I have to look all nice and propper and talk to a million people who I don't know. No big deal I talk to strangers all the time. That's okay. So I'm just bored waiting for Papa to come back. I got up way too early today and had to eat yucky food. I don't like eating in the morning, unless I can have smores pop tarts. He he he. Or omlets. I love omlets! My brother's mp3 player is so loud that I can hear it when he's upstairs and I'm down here with headphones on. He's already got tihrty percent hearing loss, does he really want to lose more? Hello? Oh well, it's ihs own hearing. So that's my post.


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