Saturday, December 11, 2004

Smoke on the Water

For the past two days I've been going to Aunt Dawn's house between wakes. See we had a wake from two till four and then another one from seven till nine where there was a big line and everyone ran through the line and gave us their sympathies or condolances or whatever. One, I'm not the biggest fan of cr3owds but I understand why we had to do this. That's fine and good but then two, I get really freaked out when certain people basically pull you towards them and talk right in your ear. People, do we know what a tooth brush is? And I don' tlike being that close to people who I don't really know, especially older people who have those raspy voices and ya. Anyways, so I go to Aunt Dawn's house and all those people do is smoke. Yicky much. Everything I have stinks like I've been at a bar or something. Very much disgusting. And I found out yesterday that smoking lowers your intelligence level. I read it in some article. So ha ha ha to you smokers. When we're all sixty I'll be smarter than you. He he he. Anyways, I'm going to sing at the funeral today. I have to sing Smoke on the Water, I mean, no Amazing Grace. Yeah. I'm not singing all seven verses, just three of 'em. This was one of Grandpa's last wishes, so he'll get it. And then we're done done done for good! Although the group of people who came through yesterday afternoon from two till four, tere was something about them that I liked. They were truly comforting to me where as the rest I felt didn't care.

Another bonus of these couple of days is we're all speding time as a family which we never do. My cousins are so interesting and smart and funny and I love them, but we only ever see each other once a year. I think this has taught us a good lesson; we need to stick together. That's what family is for. Even my mom came on Thursday night. I guess she and Grandpa had a great relationship, and I'm told that both Mom's and Dad's sides of the family used to all get together for Christmas. That must have been fun, I don't really remember it, though I do remember Suzi and Chris, Dad's sister's kids coming out to our cottage and swimming with us. God that was so long ago.

It's really weird to listen to all of those people come through and tell me how much Grandpa talked about me. "You were the apple of his eye" they'd tell me. That's nice to know, though I felt really bad for my brother, who was beside me in line who never got to hear any of this. Favouritism sucks, but when you're the favourite it's okay. So I'm going to sing now. I'll talk later!


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