Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Pregnant? Yuck

Well, I found out the other day, after calling an old friend of mine that her baby is due on January 28. I had heard rumors that Meaghan was pregnant, but I never knew if they were completely true, although it didn't surprise me and yeah, it's completely true. She's having a baby boy with her boyfriend of about two years, Andrew who was in the same drama program with us. She's been taking classes about parenting all year I guess and prenatal stuff. Anyways, I called her up the other day after a long absence and I asked her if we could start talking on MSN again. She said that would be fine. So I was chatting with her last night and all she could say was "The Theatre Complete chapter of my life is closed. I don't talk to anyone from then except Andrew." So what? Am I bugging her? I said if she were busy I'd leave her alone and her response was "Well I'm always busy getting read yto be a mom." I told her before this that I would love to see the baby. "Well no one is going to come near my son. I'm breast feeding." So? Your point? I'm saddened by this and I don't know if I pissed her off some how, even if I dide I don't know what the hell I did anyways... but yeah. So that's been my week. And my hold Lord it's cold outside.


Blogger Steve said...

Nobody's coming near my son because I'm breast feeding? Ok lady, whatever. Maybe not *while* you're feeding him, but other than that, that just doesn't make sense. I guess she's just one of those never been a Mom people who worries about everything. Give her time, my guess is she'll start to lighten up once she sees that she doesn't have to be so protective. She'll learn, most people do, I've seen stuff like that before. Either that or she'll be one of those freaks who doesn't even let her kid have dangerous toys like a bike or do crazy things like play sports or go outside. Iv'e seen that too. Good luck with whatever happens with you and her.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Barb M said...

It just pisses me off. Why should I have to to be a jerk?

6:10 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

You don't have to be a jerk, you just have to be yourself and hope she comes around. You did your besxt to get back in touch, the rest is up to her and if she wants to be a jerk to people she used to be friendly with, that's up to her. You didn't do anything wrong.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Dax said...

Sorry to break up this like, oh so tender moment of giving advice, and ... anyway, but ...
I have returned!

Oh yeah, and ... as Steve so precisely put it, she'll lighten up. Young, first time moms are always at least somewhat uptight. They lighten up after a while, or they go to the other extreme. Somehow it will work out.

Kids can sometimes change people--even the most unchangeable person. My nephew changed my sister, and she's an awesome mom, in spite of her boyfriend's shortcummings, and in spite of her own.

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