Thursday, December 16, 2004

Stupid Health Services!

Okay, here's been the run down of my friggen week. My plane was a half hour late Sunday night because of visibility problems and I felt queezy all day. So yeah, bleh to that. Well Sunday night I got really sick. I was up every single hour, it was awful. So I was stuck in student health services for the whole day and they made me go home again! Jerks made me go home, again! So I hopped on a train and my cell phone died, but this really nice Mexican boy named Julio Lopez lent me his cell phone, which is the exact same phone that I have. So we got off the train in Toronto and the guy got me off the train and said "Are you Joan Aiker?" I'm thinking "Some other poor blind person's getting screwed now. So ha ha ha, I hope she got off the train safely. So we looked around for a few minutes, found my Daddy and then got very very lost trying to find the way out. We got out and went to Wendies where I ate a frosty, the first thing I could actually eat, but yeah. I went to bed when I got home and the next day I couldn't listen to the Bob and Tom show because the reception died. So so sad. So I've been getting progressively better all week, but the reason I was mad was I let Mr. Boyde and Mr. Rondeau down. I had a bunch of solos that I couldn't sing. I hate you, body! You whore!

But at the same time I think this was a sign. My friends from my old school were supposed to go out for lunch last Friday and I wanted to join them, but I couldn't because of the wakes. Well, it turns out they didn't end up going and they're now going tomorrow! Yes! Chinese buffet Baby! So I'm there! It'll be good! Anyways, I'll be back laters with more, maybe. Bye bye bye bye!


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