Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Computer over?! Virus = Very Yes?! That's not a good Prize!

This is incredibly frustrating. Let me tell you why. We have new everything at school computer wise. We have new jaws, new windows operating systems, some of us have XP and some have Windows 2000. Well, for one thing, all I want to do with this new Jaws is go play on Home Star Runner and I can't do that because... well... no one's really quite sure why it won't work but it won't work. And second, I can't check my email because access on yahoo is denied. Gur gur gur! I'm frustrated, oh yeah, and I can't even look at my own blog cuz there's way way too much swearing or something in it. I don't really know. And I lost my train ticket so I could go to Toronto tonight so I could, you know, go get new eyes. Gaaaaaah. Please Via, give me another train ticket. I beg of you.

On a happier note, new Years rocked the house.Anyways off to French! Grammar gurrrrr.


Blogger Steve said...

You can't play on perfectly innocent websites where you are because filtering systems are as a rule, completely retarded, as are those who think them to be a good idea when they're overly strong. They're all way to jumpy, people and filters.

I get the whole we want to keep dangerous things out of the hands of school kids part of things but the thing to remember is that as scummy as the internet can be, it's about a billion times more useful...ok, just as useful for education. And when people can't access things they need, that's bad and something needs to be fixed. And denying you all email access, that's also bad. What if there's an emergency or something and email is your only contact. What if there's something's really private and you don't want the moderated new system whatever it is looking into your private business? You guys should really do your best to fight this thing, it's not fair.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Carin said...

You lost your ticket? Oh dear.

And yeah, filtering systems are garbage. There'll always be something that breaks them and always a million things that shouldn't be filtered.

10:00 PM  

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