Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Banning the Bible?

Okay, so I heard the wierdest thing this weekend that just passedd. Jees sorry that my typing really sucks right now. I should be copying and psating but I'm lazy. Anyways, there are hospitals inNova Scotia who are banning bibles in hospital rooms. Why is this? Because the bibles carry too much infection.. I don't know if that sounds wierd to you, bnut it sure does to me. Okay guys like, tthy normally have bibles in those bed sside tables or whatever but in these hospitals tdoctors say that can't happen anymore because they carry too much infection fro previous patients. Stragng? I thought so.

And now fo something completely different! GoDouble standards. I htate hem. I saw two of them today that just made me right ticked off. My best friend and another girl at the school got into a bit of andaltercation a few weeks back. My best friend had to serve her punishment in the form ovf a grounding for two days. What did the other girl get? Nothing. Doesn't that figure. And just in case she waas ggoing to get something, she faked sick for Monday so she wouldn't have to serve her punishment. Keep in mind that in everyday life they would both have to serve punishment, and we understand that. But why should one serve and not the other? Then, last night, there was a final goalball game in our competitive league. There was a certain person sitting on the side lines trying to be a goal judge when he can't even see and making stupid snide comments about this one team. The captain of the team in question warned the annoying blind goal judge two or three times that if he didn't shut up he would get the goalball thrown at him. I understand that the dcaptain should not have done that, and that it's wrong and bla bla bla. Not the point. Blind goal judge kept doing this until Captain had enough and launched the ball at the kid's face. He hit him. *Insert victorious laughter here* So anywayts goal judge got sent out op ofthe gym. Then the Captain got an in house suspension (grounding) for the rest of the week, and what diad anoying little Goal Judge get? Nothing because "he didn't retaliate". But wait a minute, didn't he provoke the captain? Didn't the captain give him warnings? That doesn't deserve a punishment? What a bunch of double standard making idiots we have working here. I can't believe this.

On a more positive note, it's Tuesday and my favourite music teaccher is on tonight! Yippee! That means I'm gonna go play some Stevie Wonder on my guitar and be smily. Ciao!


Blogger Carin said...

That really sucks. That place is the home of the double standard I swear.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just one example of the many screwed-up things at this dump of a school. Staff should really look at both sides of the issue [consider the blind goal judge's actions and also the captain's]. Sometimes the staff can be very biased. Double-standards are screwed up, they aren't fair, and they suck, even more than algebra homework, but that's a hard choice.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Is it wrong that I'm cracked up by the concept of a blind goal judge?

4:27 PM  
Blogger Barb M said...

And you know what sucks even more than that? My goalball team went against goal judge's in the final and they mercied us eleven to one. Oh it hurt, so much. And algebra isn't that bad, it's when you get into crap like trigonometry and functtions when you want to tear your hair out and cry like a baby. That's why I don't do math no mre. It's all chem for me now.

9:16 AM  

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