Wednesday, April 27, 2005


So I have this buddy of mine who lets me play with his guide dog Archer when he is around. He is currently unemployed living on ODSP but he does a whole heck of a lot for te Canadian Councfil for the Blind. I think he's quite amazing myself and now, guess who's coming to work with us in our food and nutrition classes? That's right! Archer puppy and his master!! He makes me laugh all the time, and what a loyal puppy Archer is. He's such a beautiful doggy! It will be sad when he has to be retired in September. Sad. But while he is retiring his dog, my two best friends are going to get their own puppies. May nineth is your day to shine my Carin friend. It's gonna be neat! I'm just screwing off and not doing anything. i really should be doing my independent study unit. Gah. Oh well, it'll get done. I'm done my first draft. After last year's performance I'm pretty proud of myself. He he. I'm going to see the play "As you Like it" at Stratford. So there's my day in a nutshel. Bo bye!


Blogger Carin said...

Sweet, you're going to stratford? Rockin!

Heehee it is getting closer.

10:42 AM  

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