Sunday, July 24, 2005

Well what am I supposed to say?!

I'm actually going to scream. Screaming supposably helps. So I know this guy, who is dating this girl. I tr so so hard to be nice to this person, sure, I've been mean to him in the past, but he's the one who keeps saying the past is the past and I've appologized, I thought we worked it out, whatever. So everything seems great, until recently, we got into a fight about God knows what. Oh no I remember, I got frustrated because he says these rude things to me, and then just laughs it off and goes "Relax. Take it with a grain of salt." Whatever. If someone calls you ugly and whatever you don't just relax and take this with a grain of salt. So I made a mistake of talking about this with his brother. Maybe not the smartest thing I've ever done. Okay, so I'm called on it, I realize my mistake, I talk to him, he completely avoids the issue in every way possible. So whatever, I just write it off as "Well he desn't want to talk about it". Fine. So we're talking like normal again, and then this morning, he comes out with "What bad things have you been saying about me and my girlfriend?" I tell him everything I remember saying, which wasn't much, by the way. And he keeps going "Tell me the whole truth". Well, what am I supposed to do? Make up stuff so as to make me seem like I've been lying before? No, I'm not making stuff up. I'm saying what I remember having said. I also asked him "What did you hear and I'll tell you if I remember saying that." His response "You first." But what am I supposed to do? So I gave him fare warning and saying "if you keep pestering me about this I won't speak to you." Well, he keeps it up and saying "I'm not listening to your convenient little lies." And just for the record, I'm not conveniently forgetting what I said. I honestly didn't say much about the whole thing, unless someone can tell me otherwise, in which case I will tell him what he said. I'm just angry. I'm taking someone's advice and walking aweay, there's nothing else I can say. I won't make up stuff to say to him. I'm telling everything I remember saying. This is my blog, I'll rant if I want.


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