Monday, August 15, 2005

My old Kitty!

So I thought I was going to lose my kitten cat that I've had since I was three to a really bad ear infection last week. He's so old, his one little paw drags and it's like he jumped and landed the wrong way, so he's a gimpy cat. Poor Mocha, that's his name, I guess he looks like Mocha I dunno. Anyways, he's a beautiful cat and I realized just how much I love him when I thought he was going to have to be put down. Lucky he didn't have to be. Mom's in Saskatoon working right now, so we're taking care of the old cat at Dad's, giving him his medication twice a day for his poor little ear. I'm sorry I have to fawn over my kitty once in awhile. I'm going to go do laundrey now. Oh yeah, one more thing about kitty, he used to be the runt of his liter. Mom found him on a farm when Cameron was a new baby and I was three but now he's the fattest kitten I've ever seen. I loves him.


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