Monday, August 08, 2005

Birfday presents?

Eak eak eak!! I'm feeling ecellent today! Yes, yes I am. Monday was my birfday! Yey birfdays! I am now the legal drinkin' age, but more importantly, I move out very very soon! I got Sonar Four! I'm so impressed and happy. Now i just need the caketalking scripts and a controller and I'm all set! Woo! I got some huge ass plastic cups too, and a gold necklace thingy and... wait for it, wait for it... NEW HARRY POTTER BOOK! I'm a little too excitable, but it's my birfday so I'm allowed! And Dax is off getting her woof training! Good luck sister!

On a sadder note, Petter Gennings dies last night of lung cancer. He was a very influencial reporter and a great person in general. He shall be greatly missed. I have a sugar craving. Time to fix it.


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