Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bob and Tom Care?

For whatever bizarre reason, someone has felt the need to play with the Bob and Tom web site. I don't know if this was to make it look pretty or I don't know. However, in making these changes, this has caused issues with accessibility on the web site now, and since I am a VIP member who still listens religiously and likes to download the shows, I found this really frustrating. So I emailed the people about it and told them my problem, and they asked me for my phone number, so they could call me and discuss the issues I had with the site. How cool is that! When they did end up dcalling me, I was away, but I will call them back really soon so we can get this figured out. This just demonstrates to me that the people at Premier Radio Networks actually give a shit about their customers. That makes me smile.


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