Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekends are Good Times

So I was reading Cait's blog and she linked to The Top 100 cover songs of all time And then I was listening to The Ongoing History of New Music and guess what they were talking about? Cover songs! We had everything from Red Hot Chilli Peppers covering Stevy Wonder, to Oasis doing a Beatles cover which they claimed was live on the album, but they lied. It's funny how some covers are better than the original songs, and then there are those covers that just plain suck! How awesome is this?? Jonathan Coulton's cover of "Baby got Back" is ranked number 2! That just kicks ass! I heard "My Way" - Sid Vicious (Frank Sinatra)
and my God that sucked. But then, right after that I heard "Darling Nicky" originally by Prince but covered by the Foo Fighters, and I'm now searching everywhere for that song. I could have sworn I saw "Smells like Teen Spirit" covered by Paul Enca on that list, but I'm looking over it again and I can't seem to find it. The only reason I liked that cover was the fact that for once i could actually understand the words! What a concept! Not like they make any sense though... anyways...

On Saturday I spent the day with my brother. It was really goode times. He and I don't often get to spend lots of alone time together, so that was pretty cool. We went and saw "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Lary" and it was a really interesting movie. It was pretty funny, and it also did a good job of showing the discrimination against homosexuals. I liked it.

Rosamae is doing awesome! Today we're having an O and M lesson to get me to the LA weight loss place. We shall see if this O and M instructor will actually show up. This week, both Terri and Jesse's birthdays. Mine and Cristina's are coming soon!!! I want the new Harry Potter book soooo badly! OK, time for breakfast!

Positive things:

  • I've got a whole bunch of new covers I have to download
  • It's a gorgeous day outside
  • Rosamae is kicking ass with her guide work and she's the sweetest puppy ever
  • Birthdays birthdays birthdays!


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