Monday, May 07, 2007

Let downs and Cheer Ups

I must really be sheltered from the big bad world. Everyone tells me that it's harder to get a job if you're disabled, so you'd think that applying for a job with hpeople who work with disabled people would work out. Nope. Two different employers who aparently really wanted me didn't take me. They don't know what they're missing. So I'm back to square one on the job scene. Isn't this typical. Ah well whatever.

In happier news, Jay, Ted, Marc, karine and I went out to see Spidy 3. It wasn't so good. I missed the brilliant descriptions that Meg gives me when we see movies together. But whatever. It was fun to see everyone again. Jay surprised me with a visit on Friday night. It was sooo cute.

Twenty days till I have my very own barking four legged guide doggie! OK,technically it's 24 but I'm in California in 20 so that will be awesome!! This year seems to be the year of guide dog getting. Jessica just did her home interview yesterday and is recommended for the July class. Jessie might be in the same class, we all know that Carin and Trixy are united at last, and finally there's me. This is so cool! Oh, and we're all going to the same guide dog school!! Now I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of some Swiss Chalet cuz I'm lazy and don't feel like washing my dishes yet.

Positive things:

  • guide dogs guide dogs guide dogs!
  • I'm starting my job finding journey again and maybe I'll find something uber cool!
  • It's gorgeous outside
  • New meds may have potential!
  • Jay... always jay... he's great and he surprised me on Friday night!
  • I saw Marta the other day and it was great!
  • Oooo! I found a new radio station! Live 88.5 so finally a good station in Ottawa
  • I live by myself now!
  • Jay's friend Steve and I are hanging out more and it's lots of fun!
  • Oooooo slushies rock in the summertime. Unfortunately now I just got brain freeze. Yowy.


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