Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What happened?

So second year is over. I finished my last exam yesterday. i hate children, at least I hate the psychology of them. Arg! But the point is I'm done. I am so hapy.

I went out with Jay last night. We went and bought him groceries and then hung out and watched tv and just spend time tgether. It was really nice. I am truly greatful to be dating him. He's wonderful. This morning I had to get up early so I would make my apointment that I had. Poor Jay was so tired that we just cfame back here after and cuddled and fell asleep together for a few hours. I often forget the importance of just cuddling. It's such an important thing sometimes. I am so in love it's crazy.

In ther random news, it's sorta sad. I'm going to be alone as f tomorrow night. I know I've had my issues with the room mate, but I love her. She's my friend, and that won't change. I just hope that she will stay my friend after this. For the last couple of weeks we've been doing a lot of stuff together around here. I'm really going to miss her, and as much as I'm excited to live on my own, I'm sure I'll be lonely sometimes. I already feel a bit lonely, and she's not even gone, in fact she and her mom are both here. I am, however, hapy to report tat one of my friends from first year is my new neighbour!! So frickin' cool!

Tomorrow I have to go to the passport office and declare it lost. I'm a loser. I don't have any clue where it is, anyway... I can't believe in four weeks tomorrow, everything changes. I'll have my puppy. That's crazy to think that I've been wanting a dog since forever, and now it's finally really going to happen. I hope that I will make it. I'm sure I will. That's all for now.

Positive Happenings:

  • Jay and I spent some good time together

  • Karen and I are getting along

  • I'm going to live beside Amber and that rocks!

  • Puppy in four weeks!


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