Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's such an Enormous Thing... To Walk and to Listen...

Wow!! Colds can bite a donkey's right testicle. So some of my friends tell me from time to time that they'll get these colds that kinda knock out their hearing and make it all whacky. I'd never had that... until Wednesday. Now I feel that I have a slight bit of insigt into the feelings of a deafblind person. It's not a good thing when I can't find my way around my own apartment because I can't hear the walls and stuff around me and I just go "Slam, crash, smash" if I'm not holding onto the walls.

But I've been getting progressively better, and just five minutes ago, I yawned and I felt like an enormous ammount of pressure just released from my ears. I can hear again! Perfectly! Awe, it's nice to hear music that sounds normal, and not to have to get in people's faces to hear them like I had to at breakfast with J and his friends this morning. I feel like I was on a plane ride, but it feels so so good!!

Yep, most random blog post ever!


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