Monday, October 23, 2006

Did ya Miss me?

Shut up Steve. I know your aim is getting better, but you still have not won the challenge... yeah...anyway, Steve and Carin know what I'm talking about. Wow, aren't I just a bundle of emotions this weekend? Oh joyous time of the month... I appreciate the lack of child, now go away and die. So much to say, so little time. I haven't updated in forever because... to be honest... I've been a lazy bum in blogging land, but I feel the need to say some things.

I went to see two of the greatest friends you could ever have this weekend. No, I'm not sucking up. Really. But whenever I see those guys, so many great memories are created. A kids' album performed by Billy Joe Armstrong from Greenday might be my new favourite concept. I awas doing stuff today, and I could hear young Billy in my head singing the classics. I'm sure people stared at me like I was a lune, but hell. That will never stop being funny to me.

So I'm already halfway throug the first semester, can you believe that? It's official.I'm truckin' my ass to California to get a dog on May 27th, and if next semester goes anywhere near as fast as this semester has, I'll have a new companion in no time.
Don't youhate when you listen to a song and it mentions some sort of food and you're just like "Man, I could really go for that!" So I'm listening to Jo Co's "Over There" and he's singing about German saussages and Italian meatballs, and my God I'd kill for one... oh man!! Both sound delightful.

I'd just like to brag for a moment and say that I have met a wonderful wonderful individual who I now call my boyfriend. He treats me like a Princess. I'm not used to being treated like that by a guy... oh wow... he's amazing. He knew that I felt weird travelling in Otawa alone late late at night, and since I didn't get in last night till 11:30, he came and got me. It's such a nice thing to wake up with a strong pair of arms holding you... ok I've said too much... anyways...

Italian is my life. Oh sure I'm taking three other subjects and trying to see friends and such, butItalian is taking up my life. Pages and pages of exercises, so much I think I understand but don't... it's crazy... but I love it much!!

Did I leave W Ross two years ago? Like.. oh say... end of June 05? Yeah, that's what I thought to. Apparently other graduates seem to do the same petty crap they did in high school. The rumor mill never fucking stops! Wow! Not going to say anything else on that except grow te fuck up! We're in Universty now! Sure I wine sometimes, but when you tell me something I'm not going to go blabbing it to whoever it is you were talking about.Wow, how fucking dumb do you have to be?

Well I'd write more but my back hurts and Barby wants her bath. It's been fun. If you need me I'm the nut singing ridiculous K.D. Lang songs and translating them into Italian. Maybe in the style of Billy Jo... oo... that'd be tricky. Thanks guys for that wonderful pile of garbage... and yet there's something almost god about it... nope I'm dilusional.


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