Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wasting My Time

Meh, Default's not that bad, don't particularly like that song, but I feel like wasting time and writing... oh no... more randomness from a Barb filled head of crazy times and fun? Hmmm... come forth then, crazy thoughts inside my head.

I'm sure a zillion and eight people have said this before, but dammit I'm gonna say it again. I'm so sick of so many bands who sound the same. The quality and tone of voice and all that stuff are all the same. My latest example of this is bands like Joy Division, Interpole, Editors and She Wants Revenge. Thanks Caitlin. Thanks a lot. I actually kind of like them, and that's what annoys me. I don't know why, they're so monotonous, but I'm diggin' them as of late.

And Jo Co's new think a week is making me cry cuz I'm laughing so hard, simply based on the ridiculousness of it. Who cares who has the fanciest pants? What is this? I had a dream last night that I was showing Steve and Carin my fancy pants and dancing around singing that gay song, but someone else won the trophy, and I was upset cuz I tried so hard. What is wrong with my brain?

And why do I feel the need to sing words about "You stick your cock in, but it won't come out" whenever I hear the song "I hear you knockin'"? It was funny once for everyone else, but I'm still laughing. Honestly, jokes never stop being funny for me half the time.

How dare Bob and's stream be dead today. Frank Caliendo my fav Bob and Tom comedian dude is on today and I can't listen. Aaaa, fuck you Bob and Tom. I don't need you or your crap anymore... wait... yes I do... Awe? It's like my morning radio drug...

Wanda's play the other day was absolutely awesome. It was really really funny, and I really enjoyed it. If you ever get a chance to see the Glenvale players perform, you should. I don't actually think it was Glenvale that put on this production, but Wanda and Martin are both players in Glenvale, so go see them act. They're great. And their dinner conversations are quite the ordeal... so funny I never thought I'd finish my supper. Wanda's an awesome awesome cook. I miss those two, and Gleason the doggy, and Daxy the kitty. I miss 'em lots.

Do you ever start to say something on a blog or something, and then realize that no one needs to know about certain parts of your life? I think I have issues with discretion. So about the lazar hair removal stuff... I mean what...? It kinda hurts but only for a second. Way better than waxing... Oh well in other random Barb thoughts...

Am I excited about tomorrow? Hell yes. Am I more excited about Saturday? He he he...

Yay Pizza. Yay Meg! Yay Meg's book! She has been reading me her second book that she's written. Usually after work or after supper, depending on what's going on on any given day, we'll sit down on my bed and she'll read to me. One or two chapters a night. She's a really good writer, and I really hope that this book that she's reading me now will be published. We're gonna read three chapters tonight and finish. I'm in so much suspense... she did a really good job. And she narates it really well too. Go Meg! Good luck!

I hope that the Student Federation will let me volunteer for Frosh week... wait wait! Hold the phone! You're not supposed to call it Frosh week anymore, it's now 101 week, because Frosh week has so many bad conotations! Oops, sorry I forgot. Anyway, I wanna volunteer at 101 week. Even though I don't know my way around the campus super well, I still think I can be of help to the first years in some aspects. Hell, I'm the most enthusiastic, annoyingly cheery person when I want to be. And I'm creative. Thanks Theatre Complete. Thanks a lot. So I'm waiting for an email from the volunteer coordinator. I hope she says yes to me. Yay!!

OK, what is with this horrible song called "Play boys of the South Western World" by Blake Shelton? Way to totally rip off Brown Eyed Girl. The chord progression right down to the "Sha la la la la la la la tee dah..." Fuck country. And the Rascal Flats did a cover of Life is a Highway? Why God? Why do you torture us... and yet I can't help liking Rascal Flats a little because Ashaila listened to them all the time. But seriously... and since when did Country Singers sing about gangs? That's just funny... I get an image in my head about a convoy of really shitty old jeeps screamin' down the old back roads, blaring Johnnie Cash... what is wrong with this picture? Ack!

Well that about raps up today's edition of "What the hell is in Barby's head?!" P.S. Laura, my best Kingston bud who went away to Kitimavik and then moved to Australia is... coming home for next weekend??!! Yay!!! I couldn't be happier! She's going to Western University in the fall, but I get to spend all next weekend with her, and it's going to be the fuckin' bomb! We're having a day on the town, and it's going to rock my friggin' socks off! I'm so happy.

P.S. As weird as crazy metal music is, I love the new cover of "Land of Confusion". Ah... it's excellent.

Music: Ryan Adams - Wonderwall


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