Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Caitlin wrote about some band saying that was the greatest insult ever, and I think it's up there. I'm so god damn tired of people who think they need to be royalty, and that the world owes them for something. These are the people who sit on their fat asses and wine and bitch and cry about how awful their lives are, but then they do nothing about it.

So I have this friend, and he's been dating this girl for I don't know how long. They live in a trailor, crazy hicks. Anyway, he bitches about how annoying and horrible she is, and how she's abusive to him and treats him like garbage, but do you see him trying to do anything abou tit? Nope, not a thing. Just sits on his ass, doesn't have any o and m skills at all, so his life consists of talking online, working like once a week for his dad, eating and sleeping. I'm just tired of "I fucking hate my girlfriend, but there's nothing I cando about it." Um, yeah there is. Kick her out, if she treats you so bad. But he claims she has nowhere to go, even though I know a friend of their's said she could stay there. But he won't do anything about it. Aaaaaaaaarg!

I have another friend who just graduated from high school with honours in June. I wrote about her a long time ago and said how her Mom wouldn't let her do anything. So, apparently she didn't even bother applying to college at all this year. OK, fine whatever. I think it's because her mother was terrified of her being on her own, because no one has ever taught her anything about independence. So, her plan is to go back to KC for another year. But her educational assistant thought of something. She said "Why don't you look into W Ross for the year. You can learn a lot of independence from there." OK, I hated W. Ross, but I loved how much I learned from the people there. Miss Van is the world's greatest home ec teacher, and she's just awesome. A lot of the teachers are, and I wouldn't be half as independent now if I hadn't gone to W Ross. But she's pissed about this idea. I told her that I thought it was good for that, and that the E.A is not trying to force her, she just said to htink about it. And she could do a trial week, follow someone to their classes and stuff and see how it goes. But I doubt she's ever going to do anything.

I'm just tired of lazy people. Really, people, if you are going to bitch about something, do something about it. That is all.


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