Monday, July 31, 2006

Holy Hell it's Hot out Here!

So I know I haven't blogged since, oh two Fridays ago. But that same day that I wrote that last blog post I slammed my baby finger in the trunk door of a car. Yeah, that left a mark. Luckily though, my fingernail isn't black and coming off, so that's a nice thing.

Six days till my birthday chidren. I'm so excited! I get to go to the beach with my two new awesome awesome friend Robin and Sarah, and that will rock. The three of us went on a jolly little adventure on Thursday. They came and picked me up in Robin's little car. We drove to a place near the lake where we sat and played with a random dog for awhile. And then Robin decided he wanted to go sit elsewhere, so we drove some more until we came to a park by the shore. We played on the swings and listened to the waves. It was sooo much fun. It was this kind of peaceful easy feeling ya know, where everything just fits perfectly, and feels so nice. Then we wanted to see if anyone would be playing the huge pipe organ at St. James cathedral. No one was, but it's really creepy to walk around in a church that is completely empty. And if I was hot and splashed holy water on my face, does that mean I'm going to Hell? I wonder...

We went and got burgers at Harvey's... man that's an excellent burger establishment. Gotta love the hot peppers man. SAnd then we got ice cream and went back to the apartment where we hung out for awhile and they then took me to Mom's, where we sat around and drank ice tea and chatted. So it'll be fun to spend my b-day with them.

Other reasons why August fucking rocks!

  • I get to go see my good buds in Toronto on the 10th! I'll finally see Wanda in a play! That's awesome!
  • On the 19th, Armagideon Time moves to Ottawa!! Yay for going back to school Dude!! So excited about that!!
  • I move back to Ottawa around the same time
  • Next week is the world's shortest work week, considering Monday is a holiday, and I leave Thursday for the T dot!!!
  • And finally
  • I'm going out tomorrow with Bri and the KC blind people crew tomorrow. Yay fun!! Yay crazy rockin' birthday week!

So until next time, this is me saying "I predict a riot!!

Music: Kill Hannah - Future 1


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