Tuesday, July 04, 2006


To whom it may concern,

The more you speak to me, the less I want to speak to you. You say and do things that make my face turn a flaming angry red and make my blood boil. You pretend to be people's friend, and then after they have given you what you require, you leave them for dead and stop caring. What happened to you that made you, in my mind anyway, the embodiment of everything evil?

You say things about people that you supposedly are fond of, yet if those people heard those things, do you honestly think those people would be flattered to hear them? And what makes you so much better than everyone else? What makes you the Queen of the world? You are but a human, like the rest of us. You are no better, you are no worse, you are the same, in most respects anyway.

And another question, why, after committing the ultimate betrayal, do you still think you can be friends with the person whom you betrayed? You are a selfish individual. You care about no one but number one. You expect help, yet you treat people the way you do. Good luck on your own. No one should help you, not the way you act, not judging by the things you say. You can't be trusted.

And of course people care about you, but you make it harder for us to show it every day. You've done a great job making yourself lonely. Have fun with that.

Music: Sarah McLachlan - Terms of Endearment


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