Tuesday, June 27, 2006

God damn you Crackberry!!

I went to the doctor's office today. Good news is no left over metal in my head. Bad news is that means we still don't really know what's up with these head aches, but whatever. Physio and chiropractor it is.

But that was not the main point of this post. The main point of this is how much I have grown to dispise blackberries. So many people have them, and the more people who have them, the less I like them. Let's look back in history for a second.

Before a telephone, we physically had to go to people to tell them things. Rather inconvenient if people lived on the other side of the world and we wrote letters or whatever, but anyway. Then the telephone was invented, and life became a zillion times easier. You could just dial a number and talk to someone on the other end.

And then the internet came along. I know I'm skipping way ahead, but hells I don't care. So we could now not only talk on the phone, and write letters to each other. We could use this spiffy new computer technology and communicate electronically. Rock on. And there was the cell phone, which started as a basic portable telephone that you could bring in a car and talk and use for emergencies. Yay for phones. But then they started getting cameras, and video technology and internet browsers and e-mail and bla bla bla, the list goes on. Who the Christ needs all these features first of all. That's something I've often talked to people about, cell phones which are becoming so flashy and bla.

And the other question that arises is why do people feel the need to check their god damn e-mail 4739421 times a day? I'll be walking with people and they will just stop in the middle of the road and be like "Hang onI've gotta check my email". They'd stand there, completely zoned out for five minutes checkin' the mail, then we'd walk for five minutes then "Oh hang on, someone just txted me". Like fuck off and have patience already. You're not going to die if you don't read that mail right away. Grrrr! CBC had it right when they called these people "E holes". :( OK, that's all for today. I'd rant more, but my Sarah friend is coming and we're going out drinking to celebrate this possible new job! Fuckin' right!!

Music: Bush - Machine Head


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