Sunday, June 18, 2006

Like an albino monkey on speed

Dona't worry. No more dirty poems for today. Though I wrote my daddy a nice poem for father's day. Whatever was in that ice cream at the convenience store tonight has had me up and giddy all friggin' night long. I took my very first large chomp and it was as if my body just began buzzing at this ridiculously high frequency and through the buzzing I could hear a voice that said "Stay awake, you fuck basket!! It's a hot night and you're going to have fun today!!!" It was as if that thing that was the Barby cauldron brain said "Fuck you" and went "Caboom!!!!!" Kinda like those thunder storms we had yesterday. Intense, but spectacular.

Was there a point to this post? No, not really. Just feelin' the need to share my ice crack with everyone, not that you suckers will get any ice crack, so I guess I'm sharing the ice crack buzz. Wee!!

Last weekend was a friends wedding as Steve has already mentioned. So Steve and Carin stayed with me for a few days, and on Friday we went swimming. I think we may have set some sort of record for the longest game of marko polo, (Adam Corolla to us) that has ever been played in an apartment pool. It's interesting to note how a child's game can be so good for us. I mean, if you think about it, how much excercise and cardio work and stuff did we get out of that? A ton. And how much fun was had? Well I certainly enjoyed it, except for a good boot to the mouth by Steve. My tooth still hurts, ya bastard. But really, it was pretty amazing.

And this was really the first time that I've ever had friends stay at my place for the weekend, but though I was nervous it was good fun had by all. Oh man, some of that stuff will never ever stop being funny.

Wait a minute, is it possible that my ice crack high is wearing off? Nope, it came back. OK! Well I'm going to try to put myself to bed before I go any more loony than I already am... and just out of random curiosity, is it normal when you're laying down and you sneeze for your head and the rest of your body to shoot up into the sitting upright position? I've often wondered that. That is all. Good night


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