Monday, April 17, 2006

Random thoughts from a Barbie Head

Well this has been brewing since... Thursday night maybe? My brain feels like a witch's cauldron with a very nasty potion that is just about to overflow... maybe nasty is not the right word... we'll say random. Yes, it's time once again for "Barbie and her random stream-of-consciousness" because honestly, I have so much to say, and it's just all going to be crammed into one big ugly potion... so here it is...

Chez 106 used to be cool. I'm sure that it was one of the greatest radio stations around... not anymore. Sure it's cool to hear all the classic rock tunes, but when you hear the same songs every day and even on Psychadelic chez you hear the same stuff as you do every other day, it starts to get a little repetative. However, this weekend was kind of neat. They did this whole thing all weekend where they played "all" of their songs alphabetically. It's a good game to play with yourself, trying to guess what will come next, and it is made especially easy when they say they've got songs starting with the word 'Gimme" by Lynrid Skynrid, Spenser Davis Group, Rolling Stones, and ZZ Top. Easy right? "Gimme Three Steps", "Gimme Some Lovin'", "Gimme Shleter" hahahaha shleter, and "Gimme all your lovin'". But when they start skipping songs, or maybe they didn't skip them, maybe I just didn't know the actual title, but anyway, when they start screwing me around like that, I get distressed and cry because my musical knowledge is not as huge as, oh I dunno, say, Steve's. Steve might, in fact, know everything there is to know about music. I'm close, but not close enough. Go Steve. I will beat you someday. It's on!

Some drunks are funny. Some are just annoying, and some try really really hard to be funny and that just makes them extra annoying. My Grandfather is the latter. He is the biggest friggin' alcoholic ever... ok maybe not the biggest, but he is pretty fat... sorry that wasn't nice. Anyway... my point being he's up at seven thirty. He's sauced by about eleven. And we just let the good times roll from there... speaking of letting good times roll, they skipped that song on my chez 106 alphabetical time of fun. How can you skip the Cars" You douche weasels... which is beside the point. Grandpa is an alcoholic, and would you believe it, there are people, maybe not many of them, but they do exist, that talk more than I do. What is this phenominon? Amazing, that's what it is. I had someone tell me that I never shut up even during... certain... times... oo... that was awkward...

This weekend we celebrated the bye-bye Baby Jesus time. Again, not nice, but I think that that just kinda sounded funny... Yay for chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns. I found out, yes feel free to laugh at me, but I never knew this before... but the reason they're called hot cross buns is...? Anyone? Anyone? They have little cute crosses drawn on the tops. Am I the only tool who never got that? I'm gonna have to say yes... yes I am.

And I'm sure people have said this before, but here it comes, bubbling out my brain. Therapist is spelled the rapist. He he he he he he he he he he he damn you psychiatrists and your drug pushing tactics. No more chemicals for me until I really need them. I almost spelled need with an a. Mmm... neading bread dough... mmm... bread... croissants...

Can someone please tell me the words in the chorus to "Go for A Soda" by Kim Mitchel? Because what I hear makes no sense to me. And it's funny when you hear a song and you think the words are something but they're actually something else. I was sitting in my kitchen, eating chinese food, and Ashaila, my wonderful room mate who I love so much, was listening to this song. And I swear I thought it said "Go on and shave your sisters". It did not say that, not at all. it said "Go on and save your scizoors" which makes a whole lot more sense. And isn't shaving your sisters incest or something? That's what my friend said to me when I sang it like fifteen times in five minutes one night when I was nervous. Yep, this is what I do.

And no one at the cottage seems to be able to crack a nut and have the full nut come out unbroken. We have those mixed nuts on the table in the living room, and we've had them since Christmas. It's been one of those traditions since I can remember. And no one can crack the nut whole. It usually is shot fifteen feet across a room, where it lands in pieces on the carpet and no one bothers to vacuume it up so they leave Grandma to do it, but we still keep buying nuts every year. Welcome to "My family is nuts?" Ha ha ha ha... ok well I thought it was funny... it's been one of those days where someone can say the littlist most random thing and I'll laugh for a good solid ten minutes, at least.

Yeehaw and I can't even blame the Easter chocolate. Anyways, I really don't think there was any point to this post, so I think I'll let it rest until the cauldron that is my head starts to boil over again...
"What goes stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! oops! Crash! Oof... the Chick MacGee accidental home improvement service


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