Monday, October 31, 2005

This is my last... ******************

I just heard quite possibly the stupidest thing on Much Music. So, remember the song "Last Resort"? Okay, well, they've gone so far as to bleep out half the song. It sounds like this,
"Cut my life into pieces,
this is my last **********
Suffication no breathing
Don't give a **** if I ***** my arm *****" and so on and so on. What stupidity. I can understand why we'd cut out the F word, if you know the song, okay, that makes sense. And oh yeah, the other one goes "Would it be wrong would it be right,
And I'm contemplating ************" We can't even say suicide anymore? We can't say cut or bleeding anymore? I mean, I know it's a problem, suicide and all that, but to bleep it right out is just silly.


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