Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Telephone make out sessions and other randomness?

Yeah, I am alive, really I am alive, and I'm in second semester. Rockin' woo yay! I went out with my friend K Karen to the rideau center after having slept through my first class. Oops guys, took the drug a little too late? Yep I did. Anyway, it's like a swimming pool out there, and where it isn't a swimming pool it's an ice shet. I think we wil all get arrested for defying the laws of friction, if there is such a thing as a law of friction, I was going to say gravity but we were definitely on teh ground, however we could hardly walk forward,we kept slipping backwards like fourteen inches. It was soscary but so much fun. I got a new baby plant which will bloom intwo days, the lady toldme

But there has been some stuff that's been driving me nuts and I kpt meaning o blog about it and haven't. First thing's first. Why do people feel it necessary when drinking with a crowd to find some random stranger and make out with him/her in front of everybody else? I've seen this so many times and it drives me nuts. First of all, what ever happened to the concept of discression? Privay maybe? And second, why a random stranger? That's just so... I dunno, but I don't want to bear witness to that.

Speaking of making out, anyone remember the song "So far Away from me" by Dire Straights? Great song, but the one line that bugs me is "I'm tired of making out on the telephone." What does that mean? Is that like phone sex? Or do you like lick your phone and the other person on the other end licks their phone or what is that? I hard it in shoppers today and was confused.

I have a friend, K Karen, who I was talking about earlier, ad she has to get a bunch of gifts for people that have helped out at the university. So peopl like librarians, the Chancelo, the Janitors etc. There are some people who are more important than others, like higher up on the chain I guess you could say. She is doing this with a Christian fellowship group that she belongs to. It's andom acts of kindness whatever. But se's getting the more important people bigger gifts. I thought God was all about equal treatment. God won't give our prime minister more blessings than the man that runs the dump will he? That's no fare. What ever happened to equality anyway?

I hate msn for the way people's words come across. You can't read a tone in writing. It's so stupi. I mean sure you can read theemotocons and whatever but still, it's retarded. Jesse blogged about this awhile ago, but it bugs me.

And that is all for this edition of "Barb and her random thought stew". It's a Carin term, but I like it, as it pretty much discribes the randomness of this post. Maybe I'll post soon, maybe I won't. I have no idea. But you should always feel good about yourself.
And now the sound of John Denvor, being strangled.


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