Thursday, March 09, 2006

The End of the World

I had this really disturbing dream this morning that I just woke up from. It was about the end of the world. We were running through this place, I don't even know where it was or why we were there. But we were flat out running. There were several sets of stairs that we had to run up and down. There were terrorists chasing us. They had already bombed several places in the United States and Canada, including the Canadian Forces Base in Kingston. They were going to continue their tyrade and bomb Toronto and Guelph next.

Later on, after we'd stopped running and were safely in our homes, I phoned Steve and Carin. I told them that I loved them and that we'd all be together after death but that I was so scared. There was something about little kids with their mothers on a bus; they were crying and screaming. I was talking to Carin while Steve was trying to make the both of us laugh, like he always does. I heard the noise that indicates that I had email. I sat at my computer and checked it. The letter was from my Grandpa and it said something about how we all had to put on our parade clothes and not go quietly, but keep our faith in God so as not to be afraid of dying.

I take a sleeping pill every night when I go to bed. Actually, it's an antidepressant that works as a sleep aid. I rarely if ever have nightmares that leave me in so much fear when I take these drugs. I just feel shaky and scared. This is weird. So I'm not really sure what the point here was. I guess if we're going to war, go bravely? I don't know.

Some people say dreams are just dreams and do not always have to have something else made of them. But perhaps we learn from dreams, as we learn from real life. Perhaps they don't necessarily mean anything, yet they might be meant to teach us something. When I figure out what this dream was meant to teach me, I'll tell you.


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