Thursday, March 16, 2006

Room mate from Hell and new room mate from happy land

Well, Children, we got a new apartment! It's in a place called Leeze. OK on the street called Leeze Ave. It's a sweet deal. It's not too expensive and it's gorgeous and clean. It has a kiler pool and squash courts and pizzaplace and bakery and stuff that is just awesome. I will be living with one of my best friends. Horray for wonderful beautiful amazing not annoying won't drink on school nights every night K Karen! I love her!

I do not, however, love the room mate I have now. Her major is nursing and she's been drinking since Monday every night. I'm goingto kill her. I need all the sleep I can get and I can't get any with her carying on. And the head aches are worse than ever. I think it has to do with the fact that she shrieks like a banchee on espresso. It's driving me nuts. But I will have a new one soon! Gur. I need out of here asap!


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