Monday, June 26, 2006

But But But

I wonder when people are going to decide to make a new music downloading dealy thing that us blinks can actually use. I tried limewire today and you can't read anything on it, so don't bother trying, unless you know some secret about using it with Jaws that I do not. Frustrating. And bit comet is cool but how friggin' long does it take to download a whole album? Forever. That's how long, although now I have Swagger by Flogging Molly and it's fun. Thanks A-Time for getting me hooked on them, and others... X Ray Spex... so bad... but so awesome! That girl has lungs man. Honestly. She's fucked in the head, but so wonderful.

Horray for pointless "Barby feels like babbling" posts. I need me some ice crack. I'm getting a cold. Boo to no swallowing... I blame Mom for that. Oh well, it's summertime, and summertime rocks my world.

Music: Hewy Lewis and the News - I want a new Drug


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