Sunday, June 18, 2006

Well today could be fun

Just a pointless update. I'm still not quite down from that insanity that is the ice crack high of the century, and because of this, Barby did not sleep. I bounced around and listened to Bob and Tom tapes all night and took my dad out for breakfast today for Daddy day. So happy Daddy day, not that any fathers are reading this, but happy daddy day anyway. Tonight could be fun. No sleep at night means crash out during daytime. Yay.

And Edmonton gave a good hardy ass whooping last night. Maybe, just maybe we have a chance. I hope they broadcast the games on the radio, I don't have a tv. And the best time of year is the play offs. I'm not really a hockey fan, but play offs are fun, and hell, Canada might get the cup this year? What's this? Amazing, that's what this is. I know little or nothing about hockey, I just like the suspense of play off time. I like having fun, it's fun. But if you want hockey expertees, ask the people over on The old VC They might know a thing or four.


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