Monday, June 26, 2006

Well You'd think...

Guide dog thing ain't happening this year. I'm going to do a continued assessment on Sept. 11 till the 13. So that's all fine and wonderful, except it means no guide dog for me until the end of this school year. So now I'm looking for a job. Easy? Not really. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be doing something other than sitting here hangin' out. Trouble is jobs are already hard to find since I'm disabled, and it makes it harder considering the fact that it's now almost July and all the good positions are taken. And would you not think that if there were more opportunities for jobs in Ottawa that that would be ok? You'd think "Well she can stay in her appartment that she is renting and get a job, and learn her way around the city while this is happening."

My parents don't think the way normal people think. So for now I'm stuck in Kingston, again. And even though I find a bunch of job listings in Ottawa, they all of a sudden want to take away any fucking freedom I ever had, or independence or any of that. And they wonder why I hate them. Fuck off. I'm going to be 20 in August. Let me be a normal adult, thank you!

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