Monday, June 26, 2006

Sing Sing Death House!

Ok so it's not a death house, just stuff keeps disappearing at random. First it was my little box of Taquilla that I brought Steve back from Mexico. We were going to break into that when he came to see me, but that didn't happen. It is nowhere to be found. Then, when Steve got to Ottawa, his cane fell appart, and for the life of us we can't find it. No one has any idea where it is.

And then I saw my friend last week. He bought a peanut butter kit-kat bar and we specifically remember putting it in the fridge. Gone! And he brought a remote controller for his video IPod dealy thing, and it's gone too. Where the hell is all my stuff going? And if you laugh and say "Well that's normal for you, get a sighted person to look for it, cuz you're so disorganized that someone wlil find it eventually." We've had eyes scower the house and we can't find any of those four items that we've lost. So what the hell is up with my house? I was joking with Carin today and I said on Canada day when K Karen shows up the house will regurgitate everything on her head or some creepy ass thing. I don't even know.

Thank God the people finally fixed my tiles but yeah. Fucked.Music: Winston - Rock if You need It


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