Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Best! Birthday! Ever!

There's nothing better than having your birthday on a hot hot day. It means lots of swimming and hangin' out at the beach. We were supposed to go to Sand Banks, which is this awesmoe beach in Picton, with the best sand you've ever seen, and huge waves, and a really nice lake to swim in. However, you have to take a ferry boat to get over there, and since the line up for that ferry was like an hour and 15 minutes, we decided no. So we went to Amherst island instead. Sure there was some serious gucky stuff we had to walk through to get into the water, but once you got past the sludge, it was awesome! We had a little picnic with Sarah, Robin, Cam and his friend Lucy and Mom and her friend. It was good times. Then we all came back to the cottage and had dinner. I went to Sarah's after and slept over, and got some sexy new outfits yesterday!! So good times to that.

My brother's taking me out tonight, have no idea where. He won't tell me. And someone wrote something very sweet for my b-day. That made my day. Thanks! Pretty excited about Toronto on Thursday. Excited about Wanda's play, seeing everyone, and playing with Dax the kitty, and Gleason the puppy dog! Only a day and a half of work to go!! Tomorrow I go to scary scary dentist so he can clean my teeth. Yay to that. And Thursday I'm off!! No sleep till the T Dot!!


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