Monday, August 28, 2006

What a weird weekend

And yet, when it all gets sorted out, I came out with a new friend. How cool!! I get to meet her on Wednesday. She's good buds with Armagideon Time and we're all gonna hang out. She's totally a rockin' girl, and I'm really excited to finally get to know her after hearing so much about her. Yay new friends!!

In other random news, I got to go to the ex twice. Sure it cost me four and a half years tuition, but dammit it was fun. First with my buddy Laura, and then with Camille. Woo!

Also, my other friend Laura is back from Australia and we spend all afternoon together. I'll see her again tomorrow. I'm jazzed!

And am I one of the only people who says "Jonsin'" anymore? I said it in Toronto. I was joansin' for a beer or something, and they all made fun of me. They're not nice.

And I got my position that I wanted. I'm a 101 guide!! Fear me young 101ers. I am your leader... yeah right. Haha.

Back to Ottawa again for good on Wednesday!!


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