Friday, December 22, 2006

Coming Home?

Do you ever hear a song, and it's like the same three chords over and over, and it's so simple that a dog could have written it, but you think it's really pretty? Well, that's what this song does for me. I rewally like this new City in Colour song called "Comin' Home". I know it's really simple, but it's really pretty and catches me every time I hear it, which is starting to almost be too much, but anyways. There's just one line that really annoys me:
"I've never been to Alaska
But I can tell you this
I've been to Licoln Nabraska
And you know it ain't worth shit"

What did that have anything to do with going to Alaska? Why would that affect a want to go to Alaska? What a dumb line.


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