Monday, November 13, 2006

Kitty at my foot and I wanna Touch It!

Saturday night was a good night. It was Jessica's early birthday, and we had a blast. J and I went to Terri and Jessica's house, and we had the greatest lasagna in the world. Everyone was drinking and haing a good time, and J and Jesse got to be geeks together and do their video game stuff that they both love oh so much.

Man, those guys have like four cats. They used to have seven. Who needsthat many cats? Bt they're so cute. Tikerbell is my favourite because she likes t curl up in my arms and pur and she goes on her back and puts all her paws up in the air so you can rub her tummy. She's so affectionate. I love her.

I love thir new place. It's so big. I suppose with five people living there it ought to be big. It was a really good time, and I look forwardto seeing Terri on Wednesday.

Speaking of new places,J finally lives on his own, in a really cute little apartment. It's in the same building as his sister, her boyfriend, and the new baby. Newborns can be boring. They sleep a lot, but when I get the chance I lie to play with the baby. She's so small. Last time I saw her she had hiccups. Poor baby. I'm so incredibly happy with J, it's awesome! I think there are only three people who I can think of who really truly understand me, and he's one of them. I love being loved. Sorry, had to have a sappy moment there for a seck. But honestly, I feel so much more confident and stuff now. I'm always scared of screwing things up, but this guy has so much patience it's unreal. Just hope I don't drive himtoo nutso.

And I might juts have the greatest room mate ever too. The other day we went to Michael's so she could buy some kinting stuff. We hit up the bulk barn on the way back, and then we ordered Chinese and sang Rent. You know it's a really great play when, even after listening to it for like four years, it still makes you cry. It's so sad but so great.

My room mate got me this awesome Campbell's soup the other day. It comes in a box, already made, all you have to do is pour it into a mug, throw it in the microwave and it's done. Sure I'm lazy, but it's convenient. I love those new "Soups at Hand" though. Now that is the be all and end all of laziness. Are people that lazy that they can't even pour it into a mug? The convenience factor is good though. But I don't like the soups at hand, because you can taste this sorta plasticky taste in the mug. I like my soup in a box.

Is it just me? Or am I retarded? I never knew how to use a kettle until like three weeks ago. What the heck is wrong with me?

And I officially make the greatest fried eggs in the world. Don't believe me? Well, I think they're the greatest fried eggs in the world. No offense to anyone who makes me eggs. I just spice 'em up a little. Put a pinch of garlic salt, a tiny bit of Italian spices which is a whole variety of sices in one, and a little tiny bit of fresh dill. It's soooo good. Today though I put in too much spice and too much butter. Ah well. It was great.

Now it's off to class to give a presentation on the homeless peoples in Montreal. I'll post again soon.


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