Thursday, April 26, 2007

She's my friend's new girl...

She's so cute and sweet and yay, and she's my friend's new girlfriend, or partner, or whatever they call each other. I'm not sure. I know I've sometimes questioned things that this friend does, but I really like him. We're friends, and I really like this new girlfriend/partner/whatever he calls her. She's super nice. We've been talking on the phone and msn for a few weeks now, and she's so super nice and she's perfect for him. So much better than that stupid pig that he used to be with. I'm really happy for both of them. If you want to get to know Kim a biit, check out her blog here

Not much else to say from over here... wait... I have my first job interview ever on Monday at 10 AM! I'm stoked! I really really want this job! And my guide dog trip a month from tomorrow! How exciting! Talk later!

Positive Happenings:

This is something that Jessie inspired e to do. She does it at the end of every entry she does, and who knows, if I start listing the positive things that I did today or that happened to me, I might start feeling a little better.

  • I found Kim's blog today and read it and it was cute
  • I hung out with Dad this afternoon
  • I talked to Jay and he makes me so very happy!
  • I spent a bunch of time on the swings today cuz it's gorgeous outside!
  • I'm going back to Ottawa on Saturday!


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