Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's those little things...

That piss me off? No, on the contrary, amigo. I want to tell you about those little things that I feel a lot of people take for granted and don't pay attention to, but can really go a long way.

the weather outside is absolutely spectacular, at least it was yesterday. I'm starting to find that a lot of people, including myself, are so much friendlier when it's great outside. First I had an appointment with my O and M instructor, who showed me that getting home from the bus stop was as simple as passing two driveways, then going up the third. Yep, doesn't that look so great? I'm going to get a guide dog, yet I can't even find my house... I've done well. Nah, it's all good now though.

I needed to relax before my mom came into town last night, so I went to the park for awhile. Just wanted to spend some alone time with my music. Under the swings, however, there was a whack load of water, but this didn't seem to bother me. I just went through the water in my sandals and was happy to wade in it. It felt so good, and I felt like such a kid again. Most people would hate getting their feet wet, but it's such a great thing when it's hot outside.

I was sucking on a red sucker when these little kids came along and asked me "Why do you have that sucker in your mouth?" I told them i was a little hungry so I was eating it, and the one kid went and told her dad, and she gave me a slice of an apple. Like, how silly! But so cute!

Tese things make me remember that people really do care, and that the little things can make a difference. If you need me, I'm on the swings today, playing in the puddles.


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