Monday, April 09, 2007

Tu sei qui?

So I may or may not have ripped Steve off with that. It's what he calls it when he talks about what random search terms got people to his blog. I just translated it into Italian. See? I'm a thmart kid! I can't do this even half as well as Steve can, but I'd like to point a few search terms that caught me by surprise.

09 Mar, Fri, 10:28:20
barby barn montreal

What a great image that gives me. A barn full of demented headless barbies... ooo... creepy... imagine it now in the dead of night... it's all mouldy and smelly and here we have a barn full of headless barbies. Whenever I hear Barbie, I don't think of me, rather, I think of the fact that you could always pop her head off, so to imagine a whole barn full of headless dolls sorta gives me the creeps. Am I high? No, not today. Moving on...

21 Mar, Wed, 09:42:06
lisa mcneese grimmway farms

Sticking with our farm theme... who is this Lisa Grimway, and how dare she remove all the heads of those barbies in the barn on her farm... Yeah, don't ask... again, I'm a tiny bit odd...

22 Mar, Thu, 10:31:54
how do i know if im being treated like a mug by my boyfriend?

Well, if he's drinking coffee out of you, you have your answer. I was going to say drinking hot liquids, but let's not go there...

26 Mar, Mon, 20:13:12
maura havenga

Anyone wanna play word association? I say a word, and you tell me what comes to mind... Havenga? Venga boys? Party? Super! That's the best I could do. Anyone know who this Maura Havenga actually is?

29 Mar, Thu, 17:19:01
tikerbell games

I have nothing to say to that, but it was amusing to me. My bad for spelling Tinkerbell wrong when I talked about Terri's cats. Awe? I wonder how those guys are doing? I haven't talked to them in awhile. I miss Terri and Jess.

01 Apr, Sun, 07:01:32
boyfriends treats me as a sleeping companion

Non parlo in Inglese? I think I'd rather be my boyfriend's sleeping companion than his mug...

That's all I've got on that for today. Maybe I'll do it again someday, maybe I'll keep my amusement to myself... We shall see, in the meantime, go watch Star Trek Voyager. There's a weird episode about a talking ship on today. Go Alice Go! Also, if you're not Steve and Carin, or you haven't already done so, go learn about Carin and Trixie and their merry adventures

Oh yeah, and while I'm thinking about it, even if you are Steve and Carin, if you wanna know what my brother is up to in his life these days, go to Cam and Hugh's working site If you need a building job done, these guys are the shit... not to shamelessly promote my brother's work or anything...

And because I don't know how to put up a side bar link thingie, go to Jessie's journal She's a chick I met when I was an LDT and she was at score camp. I totally dig her singing voice, and she's blind or visually impaired, I don't remember, but she's a sister.

That's all for today. I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter. Take care y'all. Peace!


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