Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shor Curtains got... no reason...

To whoever created this shower curtain,

I appreciate that you have tried to keep my shower water inside the tub. However, you are not doing a very good job. Youhave made this curtain about six inches too short, and I thought that when shower curtains were made, they were supposed to have two layers. Where was I when someone decided that one layer would work just fine? If I'd have been there, I would have had a wordwith whoever you people are,and I would have told you this. If you are going to make a shower curtain, it should not be as thin as paper unless it has two layers. Let me explain my frustration, makers of Mr. Shower Curtain.

My room mate moved out a few weeks bafck, and she took her shower curtain with her. So I needed a new curtain. My dad bought me one the next day. This was all fine and good, except that we forgot to get those rings that hold up the shower curtain. So finally, on Friday when I was with some friends, they had extra shower curtain rings. I came home on Sunday and had help putting these things up. Well, my friend said the curtain was short, but it should be fine. Boy was my friend ever wrong. I was so excited to have an actual shower on Monday morning. I hopped in, pulled the curtain into the tub, made sure it was inside and fired up my uber jet-propelled shower. Aaaaah, I thought. How I love the wonderful massage this shower administeres to me. Fuck a massage therapist, this shower works perfectly. That is until I step out of the shower. The feeling that greets me is as if I've stepped into a pool. Fantastic. Because the shower curtain sucks, the water flew out and flooded my floor. No huge deal I think. I just have to clean up the floor and it's al good.

Skip ahead about twelve hours. It's now late at night. I went to pee, and grabbed my toilet paper from the back of the toilet, and what do you know, the paper is soggy and discintegrating. Great. Thanks shower curtain. Not only did you let water flow out of the tub and get all over my floor, but you ruined my toilet paper too. Way to be useful.


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