Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fun with search queeries

This is the last thing I write before I go play the Psych midterm game.

12 Sep, Wed, 11:30:19
offspring cut my life into pieces
Yep... they sure did. That's Poppa Roach! It's these idiots who mess up the titles and artists on download sites. To everyone who does that, fuck you and everything you stand for!!

13 Sep, Thu, 15:46:39
Google: "
Mel Gibson" "met him"
Who did Mell Gibson meet? Why was I not invited? How dare you search for Mell Gibson on my blog and don't invite me.

14 Sep, Fri, 01:36:04
tub shower curtain washing disabled
Are these people searching for all the disgusting foreigners in my building? The grammar is just about accurate.

14 Sep, Fri, 07:54:00
Yahoo: "
jay coming over"
Um... random?

13 Sep, Thu, 18:04:04
bob dylan i wish for just one time you can walk inside my shoe
My shoe is size 9.5. If you can get into that one shoe, feel free to walk around in it. I know what this person was trying for, but I'm really really tired, and this is really really amusing to me right now. I'm a throw on my shoe and get going.


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