Thursday, February 18, 2010

Texas Bound

Hello, people who read both here and on Here I haven't updated this in awhile, yet again. But don't worry friends, there's lots of interesting tales to come. Reading week has officially started for me, and tomorrow at six A.M I'm headed to Cranberry, Texas, where I will stay with a family friend and learn to essentially run a ranch. It should be interesting, and now that I know how to use System access to go, I plan on writing daily updates. I'm excited to learn to ride horses again. It should be really interesting and fun. I have always ridden English style in the past, but since I'll be in Texas, I will learn Western riding. Doesn't that sound fun? So, today will consist of seeing a new counselor for reasons that some people know and some don't and I don't really feel like going into huge detail right at the moment, then sushi with the lovely Anna Possibly seeing Young Victoria this evening, but most likely not. I do want to see that movie though. I find Queen Victoria fascinating. Then up stupidly early tomorrow morning to catch my flight.

This reading week, I will not be sitting on my butt, slacking off, sleeping in or any of the like. I will be required to be up early every morning to help feed horses. Rosamae should be happy. She will have three or four labs to play with for the week, and a big fucking play yard to do it in. I'm also considering getting some space on Bernard's site so I can record some of the adventures to post when I get home. I will bring the mountain machine with me, and Victor too, although I think Mountain Machine's recording capabilities are a lot better than Victor's.

So, I'm taking Rosamae out now and then probably going back to sleep for a little while, as there will be no sleeping in after this point. That's ok, I went to bed at 8:30 last night, so good sleep was had. Having said that, if you're reading, Ro, congrats on your new doggie!!! He sounded so cute when you described him to me! This is hard to write about a guide dog as a he, because Carin and I both have she's. And he has the most beautiful name. I've always liked that name. Yes, Rosamae. I hear you. Be patient. Jeesh! That's my cue to feed a hungry labby. Talk to y'all from Texas.


Blogger Carin said...

Whenever she says the name of her dog, I think of that episode of star trek where Data crashes somewhere and can't remember who he is. On that planet with the radioactive thingies.

I'm very excited for Ro.

Yea mountain machine recordings! Hopefully noone will be a zeus hole.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Wow...zeus hole. I forgot about that part.

Have fun in Texas.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Tif said...

Fly up to Illinois, ho!

12:57 PM  

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