Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 wrap up

Positives of 09:

  • First real job!

  • Made a ton of new friends who are really awesome at said job.

  • Learning how to do a bit of everything from being a janitor to setting and clearing tables

  • Taking a bunch of courses that I totally loved!

  • Everything that is Eddie!

  • Finally having a life plan!

  • Depression is getting so much better!

  • Losing ten pounds and still losing!

  • Getting so much closer to Anna and the hippies! I love you guys!

  • The i Factor!

  • Chiropractor finally had a baby!

  • When you take courses you like... you get marks that you like even more

  • Getting that damn geography mark appealed and winning!

  • Observing that there are more positives on this list than there have been in the last two years

  • Being in Mexico for new years and being in Florida in June for the first attempt at the launch

  • I finally quit with the self medicating crap.

  • I finally realized that I am, in fact, a pretty awesome person.

Negtatives of 09

  • Lots of stomach crap that nobody could figure out

  • Fractured ankle

  • Grandpa started drinking again

  • So many deaths

  • The CNIB and everything they stand for... including that plot on my life a few weeks back. Too bad for you you guys failed, and I'm still alive suckiers! Take that six dollar bottle of whine and chug it!

Is that really all the negatives I can think of? That's a damn good sign I must say!

Hopes for 2010:

  • I finally get off accademic probation

  • I lose some more weight now that I'm on a great training schedule.
  • I become part of the Blind Guys Tri team and do that tri in the summer!
  • No more hospital visits for surgery or broken/fractured/sprained things.

  • I get to play more music with my hippies.

  • I get my own place... God I need my own place...

  • I can keep this job that I'm currently working at. It makes me good money. Me likey.

And with that, I'm off to have the third round of turkey... turkey turkey turkey. Gobble gobble. I'm an odd ducki... maybe a dislexic one... Anyway, hope everyone has a great new year, and hopefully everything you want will happen for you!



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