Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Thoughts on Marley and Me and other random crap

One of my favourite books of 07 was turned into a movie that came out Christmas day. It had a sweet cast, the main characters being played by Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston! Two of my fav actors!!! Playing in a movie about one of my fav books!!! How can you go wrong? Oh boy… oh boy… oh boy… let me tell you…

First of all, Marley the dog was supposed to be a yellow lab! People! Pay attention!!! In the book, they made a huge deal about telling us that Marley was an English, pure bred yellow lab. This was important because they wanted to show him at dog shows. As far as I know, you can only show pure bred dogs at dog shows. Never in the movie was any of this mentioned at all. Marley, in the movie, was a labradoodle!!! A fucking labradoodle!!!

Second, I don’t recall ever reading about the author/main character’s friend Sebastien. Maybe he was in the book briefly, but this guy was all over the movie. I don’t really remember him at all. Third, I really hate it when movies change the chronological order of events. That really urks me. Certain things happened before certain other things, and they were changed around in the movie. I’m not really sure why… There’s a part where Marley is tied to a table at an outdoor restaurant, and he runs and drags the table with him. That was after they’d had all three of their kids… or at least two of them… I’m pretty sure it was three though. But in the movie, Jennie hadn’t even miscarried yet. Sorry if I just spoiled anything for anyone. It just bugged me.

Another thing, they skipped some of my favourite parts, like the part where John and Marley actually go back to obedience school and they actually finally passed! Methinksa that was pretty important.

All in all, it was a cute movie, but there were a lot of inconsistencies that I was not a fan of. Oh well… what are you going to do eh?On another n
, I have a new cell phone!!! Ah, how I am in love!!! It’s the Nokia 6682 RVI, so it has talks on it! Go Talks!!! Now I can use my cell phone for what it really should be used for… texting!!! Ha ha

I had my first class of the new semester yesterday. IT was a world drama course, and it was pretty interesting. I think I’m going to enjoy that course. I have Tuesdays and Fridays off, and tomorrow, I have drama again followed by a course in the global development of aboriginals. And then Thursday night I have aworld music course!!! This semester is going to rock rock rock!!!

I’m off to eat steak and parogies now. Hope everyone’s having a good week back at whatever they’re doing.


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