Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to school back to school back to school

It's September. Happy birthday September 11. You're seven today. I can't believe that was seven years ago. It seems so much more recent. I was in grade ten seven years ago. I was sitting outisde in the hall near the classroom and someone was reading to me and we were told quite sternly to come back to the class, and then we were all told what happened. My first thought was someone was going to set off a nuclear bomb in Kincardin, which was where my boyfriend lived at the time. I was terrified. ANyway, that was so long ago, but that was not the reason for this post.

I'm back in school after almost 11 months, which is almost a year! God if you could understand the ecstacy of getting off my butt and finally doing something that requires a sufficient amount of brain power after this long. It's intense, andc I'm so happy. I have been for almost two weeks now. Last week was frosh, which was the best frosh I've ever had, cuz I've had three of them now, two as a froshie and one as a leader. But this one was the most memorable and fun. And I made a few new friends, which is always awesome! I can't begin to express how much Queen's rules over Ottawa.

We started actual school school on Monday. I'm only in two classes right now just to kind of ease back into things. OK that and I'm on accademic probation, but that's fine. Two classes is keeping me pretty busy. I have to still go to school every day because Queen's does this weird thing where the lectures are divided into three hour long chunks instead of two 1.5 hour chunks. But this is great for me and my lacking attention span. I love my classes. This semester I've got earth science geography and biology. My geography teacher is a nut. Totally love him. My bio prof is great too. She's deaf, so she has an interpreter who says what she's signing, and they're both really cool. And I have a really adorable TA in biology who I love. Today we watched one of the documentaries in the Planet Earth series, and it was amazing. Everyone who's seen this that I've talked to says that the series is absolutely incredible, and so far I agree with them.

I'm totally loving life right now. I'm getting up at like six every morning and doing my readings early in the morning, because I can concentrate better in the morning than I can at night. I realize it's only just the first week and things are going to get harder, but I'm excited about the challenge. It's gonna be good. By the way, thanks to all of my friends who have put up with my constant negativity for the past year. I really appreciate it. I don't think it's going to end for good, it never does. But I have a lot to smile about and keep me busy right now that I didn't have most of last year. I remember telling someone that 2008 was going to be my year and I stand by that. I'm stoked!


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