Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Rap-up type thing

It’s more than two weeks late but I really don’t care. I’m doing this anyway.

Positives of 08:

  • Getting into Queen’s!

  • AS few jam sessions at Xanadu music

  • Reconnecting with old friends Suzan and Roisin, both of whom I went to camp with way back in the day!

  • Frosh week again!

  • Getting together with Anna, doing a lot of just fun singing and even doing a duel performance in Toronto in September!

  • Continued fun with Shout Sister

  • One very memorable and fun trip to Brantford in June

  • Making it through an entire year with the most amazing and beautiful guide dog ever! Also being told by Chuck on several occasions how well we were doing

  • An interesting support group leading to a summer with a few new friends which was great times

  • Many fun drunken escapades watching Georgette start doing Thursday night performances at Brandi’s

  • Mindi!

  • Shannon!

  • One hell of a great Christmas… lots of awesome presents!

  • Grandpa quit drinking May 21st

  • Older step sister finally moving out

  • Uncle Bill’s 50th birthday party

  • May 2-4 crazy party in Ottawa with the crew!

  • Really excellent O and M lessons and finally having the ability to walk independently downtown therefore giving me a ton more freedom

  • Negatives of 08

    • Constant arguments with my father

    • Apendix surgery that left me in pain for a stupidly long time

    • Still no job

    • Hard courses last semester resulting in my realization that environmental science was not for me

    • Old neighbour died of Cancer

    • Grandpa’s liver started to fail

    • Remember all that awesome weight I lost last year? It came back with a vengeance. Is it wrong that I joked with someone recently that if I were to gain much more weight I might kill myself by over dosing on diet pills so I could at least die trying? I thought it was funny… others were concerned for my mental health.

    • Remember those friends I mentioned that I met at the support group? Not friends anymore. They loved drama and bullshit, and God knows that shit follows me, so this year I said enough and as a result don’t talk to those people anymore

    • I sat around and did a lot of nothing for the first half of 08 because I was just lazy and complacent.

    Hopes for 09:

    • I’d like a job please.

    • Getting off academic probation and not having to worry and stress so much about school.

    • Find a major or medial that I can actually stick with and finish

    • Work on the self-esteem. It’s slowly getting better.

    • Lose weight… but when do I not want to do that?

    • Move out on my own again.

    • Learn better tolerance, patience and discretion because these lessons seem hard for me.

    • Work on building a more stable relationship with my parents

    • Work on being more positive in general because I can be pretty bitchy.

    Over all, I’d say that 2008 was a great year. I feel like I’ve made progress with meds and things. 09 looks like it’s going to be a good year if everything works out. I’m relatively happy today. Went out with Shannon last night, made new drinks and had a really good time. The Pizza Hut Delivery guy made good fun of us. It was a good night. I hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend.


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