Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day

You know what’s sad about me? I go through phases where I watch and listen to a lot of news, I take everything in, and you could ask me anything about what’s going on in the world at any given point, and I can generally tell you. As of late though, I’ve been bad and not paid as close attention as perhaps I should. I still have a general idea of what’s going on, but I am not paying as much attention as I should. I did know that Barak Obama was being sworn in today, but I didn’t really think much of it. I didn’t watch the news last night, so lucky for me I didn’t see the ridiculous amount of hipe that surrounded this historical day, but when Dad called me at noon and reminded me that the inauguration was on and said I should watch it, I turned on the tv right away. I missed the VP being sworn in, but I caught the tail end of something… some oath Obama had to say. Then John Williams had composed a theme and variations based around the song “Simple Gifts” which was an old song that came from Stravinski’s “Right of Spring”, and I remembered hearing that song as a child. The composition was beautiful. Then, Barak was sworn into office, and then he gave his speech. I will readily admit that yes I did spend a quarter of it in tears, and yes I know I’m lame. It was amazing, absolutely amazing, to listen to this man, the first ever black president of the United States, speak and address people all over the world. He is a phenomenal speaker. His words really moved me, not to mention that his voice alone is beautiful. He has a lot to live up to. There has been so much hipe, so much leading up to this moment when he would become president. He has promised a lot of things, he has said a lot of great words that people will hopefully never forget. I just hope that he will live up to everything he promises.

The one thing I was sad about while watching this was the fact that I watched it alone, and I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it after. I sat on the floor with Rosamae, and we watched it together. I sat there and scratched her ears and petted her and hugged her and just bonded with her. I know she has no clue how this whole thing made me feel, but I’m glad at least that she was there and not off sniffing something or being silly. She sat very quietly and just let me pet her. It was great. And I realle liked the old reverend guy at the end. He sounded like a dinosaur, but he was so cute, and ha made the people laugh.

When Obama was giving his speech, there were two million people in the audience. Can you imagine that? Two million people, and they were all dead silent when he spoke. This man had two million people hanging on his every word. I think that’s the sign of a great speaker. I really would like to listen to his book “The Audasity of Hope” because he narrates it. I should rap this up and probably say something really intelligent about hope or chage, or there should be some good ending, but I have nothing. I guess here’s to a new United States Government not run by a fucking nut job. As I said, hopefully Obama will come through on the things he has promised, and I hope that the U.S can be more accepted and be thought of in a better light by the world.



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