Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You're my Inspiration

Herro there! Haven't talked to folks on this thing in far too long. A lot has happened in the last two and a half months, but that's another post for later, if I can manage to get up the energy.

So this morning I was sitting on the swings across the street from my apartment, contemplating life. I was thinking how today marks 9 months being with the boy. He's a fantastic boy, and gets better every time we're together. But this got me thinking of an idea. I've decided to try and find something every day that inspires me and write about it here. This could be something I see on a tv show, maybe song lyrics, maybe a link to an article I find interesting or thought inspiring. We'll see how long I can actually stick to this. I like the idea though. Its good to be inspired.

So, without further adew, I give you today's inspiration. Its a song by Jimi Hendrix. I didn't hear his version first though, I heard John Mayer's version. Its a song called Bold as Love This is the Hendrix version. The video has the lyrics, but since the two people who are reading this can't see, I give you
some pretty beautiful lyrics

I really like this song. Afraid to try and learn it though. Anything Hendrix plays is a mind fuck but that's ok. We love him.

I'll be back either later on today for a post about life, or tomorrow with something new and inspiring for the day.


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